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The eclipse this week on July 2 activates your area of home and family. Snuggle up with your sweetheart or slow down to take care of yourself. Stay present. You may also experience some revealing power dynamics in the workplace. Maintain your center so you can move toward new opportunities as they are presented to you. The eclipse with Cancer New Moon this week falls in your house of communications and connections. Get out of your comfort zone to assert yourself.

Double check your sources for truth in communications. Remember, now is the moment of power. Allow yourself to totally indulge. Go out for a luxurious evening or please yourself with the simple pleasure of staying at home with your sweetheart to nurture your private desires. Happy Birthday, Cancers! The eclipse this week energizes your area of individuality. This is a powerful time for you to come out of your shell and assert yourself. Be aware of the awesome opportunities to be noticed and dive in to deepen your commitment in your relationships.

Out with the old. Former shadows may be revealed to you already. Thinking about the past will only keep you caught up in a loop. Let it all go. First of all we will mention that these people may be too cautious sometimes, which can cause that they miss some great opportunities. They are afraid of risks and new situations, so they prefer staying in their comfort zone.

March 1 Birthday Astrology

Another negative trait of someone who is born on January 1 is that this person may be too naive sometimes. If you are born on January 1, then you should be more careful and you should not believe to all people. You should have in mind that there are many false friends around you.

Try to be more realistic and not to trust all people. They are always trying to understand the reasons why they have not managed to do something.

Ophiuchus, the thirteenth Zodiac Star Sign - Universe Guide

Capricorns people born on January 1 may be also too demanding sometimes. We will also mention the health of people born on January 1.

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These people usually have a sedentary lifestyle, so they should regulate their diet. Also, they should try to walk regularly because it will be beneficial not only for their physical appearance, but also for their health. Now you will see something about the love compatibility of people born under January 1 zodiac sign. If you are a Capricorn born on January 1, it will help you find your soul mate.

When it comes to love related to people born on January 1, there is a lot to say. First of all we have to say that these people are romantic and trustworthy, so they are looking for a partner who will possess these traits as well. If you want to conquer the heart of a Capricorn born on January 1, you have to be imaginative and reliable. Also, you have to possess energy and to be communicative. When they find the right person, they will be faithful and their relationship will last for a long time. Actresses who set the standards of beauty and elegance.

So you should be at the head of large undertakings, a large family or. Evolving physical and emotional needs warrant the extra TLC.

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By daybreak the Aries Moon is approaching a testing square with Pluto. An unresolved issue could manifest in an upset or confrontation. Regardless of what prompts unrest, look within to find the root cause. A heart to heart confession does much to clear the air. Just after noon the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. The low-key second half of the day is best used for personally satisfying pursuits. Eastern Time.

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The Taurus Moon makes an early morning conjunction with Uranus, the planet of earthquakes and bright ideas. Some folks may be jolted awake by an actual tremor or more likely, a brilliant realization. By sunrise the going is calmer.

March 1 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Stability, physical ease and a pleasurable lifestyle are prized. Suitable destinations may include shopping malls, movie theaters, museums, art galleries, and parklands as well as beaches. Afternoon social get togethers are just as likely to be enjoyable. Control your appetite tonight. The Moon is in the sign of money, Taurus.

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  8. Lunar alignments are numerous, giving the day a busy as well as prosperous feel. Work hard and invest with confidence. Ambitions are stimulated and sustained. Imagination and gut feelings are useful guides. Where there is a will, there is a way to succeed. The evening hours are pleasant as the Moon and Sun make nice. Enjoy close companionship. Moon in Taurus. March Minds are chipper during the pre-dawn hours. However, shortly after sunrise the waxing Taurus Moon goes void of course.

    For much of the morning the powers of concentration are diminished. Resolve weakens and motivation may also be noticeably lacking. Minds snap to attention but although more engaged, tend to wander from subject to subject. Those who possess a natural talent for multitasking enjoy their newfound mental agility. As minds float from one interest to another, messages also fly. Gossip mills churn. Pay attention to the chatter because mixed in will be worthwhile insider information.

    If you need to keep a secret, be discreet. March Like waves cresting on an endless sea, the Cosmos serves up a variety of celestial signals today. The mysterious Pisces Sun plays a prime role, forming a late-morning sextile to Pluto and an evening square with Jupiter. The first aspect empowers dreamers and idealists.

    Resources are available to make those dreams a reality. Chats are chummy, charming, big-hearted and flirtatious. Egos may swell. Self-confidence can potentially border on arrogance. If you want to make a point, sell an idea or win an argument, be respectful. Listen to what others are saying. Let them know their concerns and opinions have merit.

    Accurate Love and Life Horoscopes Based of Your Date of Birth!

    Ignore your audience at your own peril. March Exact planetary aspects are clustered in the early morning and evening hours. Most folks wake up intending to take on big challenges. Motivation peaks before mid-morning and then the day unfolds in somewhat lazy, if haphazard fashion as the Gemini Moon floats void of course.