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Solar terms occur on almost the same days each year on the Gregorian calendar. The solar terms split the Chinese year into four equal length seasons of three months or six solar terms , each centered on an equinox or solstice day. Learn more about the 24 solar terms. As a lunar month is on average 0.

To prevent the lunar calendar from becoming more than half a month of sync with the solar calendar, an extra "leap month" is added in the Chinese calendar every 32 or 33 months.

So every second or third Chinese calendar year has 13 months and — days. The last Chinese calendar leap month began on October 24, There were two ninth lunar months: month 9 and then "intercalary month 9" — the leap month. A Chinese calendar date is from 15 days behind to 15 days in front of the traditional solar calendar. That's 21 to 51 days behind the corresponding Gregorian calendar date intercalary months excepted. This can most easily be seen with Chinese New Year dates. Chinese New Year , the first day of the first lunar month, falls strictly in the period January 21 to February See our China Public Holiday Schedule for other important festival dates that are according to the Chinese calendar.

Ancient Chinese people named each lunar month according to what they or nature traditionally did in that month. See below. The latest year cycle began on Chinese New Year with a year of the Rat. The Chinese calendar affects festivals, and hence the busiest times for travel in China. These are times to avoid travelling in China unless you want to take part in the festivities.

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This Week in Astrology: Full Harvest Moon | RA MA INSTITUTE

His Saturn is at 19 degrees of Leo, receiving the Full Moon groove, a sign for finishing something. There is a chance that injury or illness will take Brady off the field first. I say this because he has other chart factors in the neighborhood of 19 degrees receiving the Full Moon groove. His Ascendant, which begins the First House of health and bodily matters, is almost 18 degrees of Libra and his Vertex associated with accidents and run-ins is at 18 degrees of Taurus in his Eighth House, representing transformation and possibly destruction. This planet and sign together rule feet and the immune system, either of which could be problematic.

Neptune is forming two Finger of God triangles with his Ascendant, one with Saturn, the other with the Vertex. This type of configuration indicates something strange leading to something else weird and finally turning out okay. He also has his North Node at his Ascendant. This means a life lesson is to focus on himself, his body and his health.

Is something new brewing for him? Brady has no planets at 4 or 5 degrees receiving the New Moon groove. The closest is his Moon at 6 degrees of Aries in his Sixth House, a position related to employment and service. The Moon rules his Tenth House of career. The dispositor ruler of the sign placement for his Moon is his Mars in Gemini, a sign of communications.

My best guess is he goes into sports broadcasting and possibly as soon as next spring. Time for new work. At this time of year, the Sun moves through Virgo.

Lunar Calendar 2020

Hence the Harvest Moon. This year, it coincides with Friday, the 13th. OK, to be technical, in the Eastern time zone, the exact full moon is after midnight AM on the 14th. Close enough. The astrological significance of Friday the Thirteenth stems from Friday being the day in honor of Venus and Thirteen being a number associated with Venus. Mercury is in Libra until October 3, Venus until the 8th.

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Its third and final flare-up is Sept. This has magnified confusion and put a spotlight on trust issues. Neptune is moving through the sign it rules, too: Pisces, together highlighting compassion or the lack thereof. Sometimes there are news stories where these themes converge. An example would be hurricane victims related to Neptune, ruler of the downtrodden trying to cross an international border Jupiter for their very survival Mars.

The Pisces Moon inclines us to rely on instincts and impressions, while the Virgo Sun gives a preference for critical analysis and facts. Uranus is also related to technological matters, which might either pose a risk or be a saving grace. This pattern may show you your unique way Uranus to do your spiritual Pisces work Virgo. Scorpio is a good sign for letting go, turning the page and moving on. This connection usually brings some unexpected doozies so keep your seatbelts fastened.

Electrical problems or storms with associated power outages are a strong possibility; have those extra batteries ready. Friction in international relations is another likely manifestation. After this fanfare fireworks finale, smoother planetary interactions come into play.

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It was there earlier this year in late February to early March and late June through the middle of July. Three visits from a moving planet happens because of the zigzag movement due to retrogradation, an optical illusion when a faster planet lines up with a slower one. This can be attributed to Neptune, the planet of fog and non-reality, being at a standstill on the summer solstice.

Since both planets are in the signs they rule Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius , the effect is even stronger. Whatever that part of your chart indicates will be subject to misunderstandings or missteps.

September 2019 Astrological Energies ~ Podcast

Mercury dances around Mars this summer, hanging out very close to the red planet at both the summer solstice and at the July 2 Solar Eclipse New Moon. Influences at a solstice or an eclipse last an extended period of time. Their blend promotes quick-thinking as well as speaking too hastily and will likely propel many people to drive too fast. There can be an aggressive side to speech with these two so close, along with jumping to conclusions. Caution is advised, along with slowing down. This should help counterbalance the potential pugilistic influence of the Mercury-Mars conjunctions.

These four heavenly bodies gather in a grouping and often simultaneously occupy the summer signs, moving first through Cancer and then through Leo and Virgo. The marriage asteroid Juno is also near these quick-moving planets, moving through Leo, putting emphasis on marital matters. If you plan to to marry this summer, a good day for a wedding is August This is a rare situation.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

What a year for a summer romance! Many types of relationships are improved by being proactive in expressing our affections and caring. Across July and August, the quick planets all form imprecise but still effective Grand Trines with them.

Eclipses occur when new or full moons are within range about half a sign of the lunar Nodes, which are the intersections of the two key orbits: the Moon around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun. The North Node, an indicator of the direction in which we should travel for our spiritual growth, is in the maternal sign of Cancer. The South Node, signaling what we should strive to release, is in Capricorn, a judgmental and regimented sign that turns a cold shoulder. Capricorn along with its ruling planet Saturn represent government. There are some regulations that need to be changed!

Hopefully, this summer of love will be about loving our neighbors, not just our lovers.

Astrology Connection

The Lunar Eclipse looks to be a more difficult time, due to that pesky dwarf planet of disruption and chaos, Eris. Its discovery is what prompted astronomers — not astrologers! The opposition of the Sun and Moon which is what defines a full moon is weighed down on the Capricorn side of the seesaw, and both ends of the axis are squared by Eris forming a troublesome T-square.

Moon Phases for Denver, Colorado, USA in 12222

But a T-square can also mean a turning point, a push — even if a hard one — for transformation. A second New Moon not an eclipse in July on the 31st which calendars not based in the Americas will list as August 1 shows a somewhat easier pattern, still featuring the long-term Pluto-Eris square that tries to force change, this time in a milder T-square with Mercury occupying the space where the Sun was at the Lunar Eclipse. The rest of the quick planets are having a good time in sunny Leo, trine other planets in the Fire signs.